What’s the Best Box Fan in 2021? Your Complete guide.

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There is no denying it – it’s getting warmer. Where I live is getting hotter each and every summer.

Box fans are a great way to help cool your room, or yourself, and at such a low cost it’s almost a no brainer.

Below I have compiled a list of the best box fans available on the market along with pros and cons to help with your buying decision.




Best Box Fan Reviews

Best Box fan


When it comes to box fans there are a number of options available. Below is a list of the best box fans available on the market today. These fans will save you money and provide a cheap cooling option for your room.


1. Best Overall – Lasko 3300 20″ Wind Machine Fan

Our pick
Lasko 3300 Wind Machine Air Circulator Portable High Velocity Floor Fans
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01/26/2021 11:44 am GMT

Though you could debate whether this model is a ‘box fan’ due to its shape, I had to include the Lasko 3300 and here is why.

Like other box fans, it has your usual features such as your handle, 3 speed settings, feet for stability, however where this fan stands apart is with its ability to rotate the fan blade direction. Very few offer this feature.

This Lasko model is a high-quality machine with a powerful motor that is energy efficient, offers excellent airflow and has a built-in handle so it is easily portable.


As far as pros go, you can direct the airflow, it has excellent airflow, provides good cooling, and most importantly, which many other box fans are not, it is quiet.

This quality Lasko box fan is one of the best box fans, if not the best fan out there and is highly rated by purchasers and perfect for those looking for good quality.

Why wouldn’t we buy it.

If you are looking to use it in a window.

2. Holmes HBF2010AWM

Our Pick
Holmes HBF2001DP-BM 20-Inch Box Fan,Black
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The Holmes HBF2010AWM white box fan is currently one of the best box fans around and as far as box fans go it ticks many boxes.

As far as features go it this Homes fan has 3 speeds, attachable feet, a detachable face so you can clean it easily, a cord wrap so you can neatly wrap the power cord when you want to store it. It is made it the USA and comes with a nice 1-year warranty as well as being a good, solid air circulator.

Not only that the Holmes HBF2010AWF has a carry handle which makes it extremely portable.

It has a low noise level, is compact and is one of the highest-rated box fans on Amazon.


• The Holmes HBF2010AWM offers easy storage with the cord wrap and as box fans are generally cheaply made, you are covered with a 1-year warranty.

Why wouldn’t we buy it.

• If you need something quiet this Holmes fan is probably a little loud to be suitable for when you are sleeping.


3. Best For Window – Lasko 3720 20″ Weather-Shield performance box fan

Our pick
Lasko 3723 20" Premium Box Fan
Temporarily out of stock.
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01/27/2021 12:45 am GMT

If you are looking for a box fan solution for your window air circulation then the Sheild Performance fan Lasko makes is probably worth a look.


The Lasko 3720 was designed to be in your window with extra weather protection including being able to withstand a little bit of rain without destroying the motor.

It has 3 speed settings, is lightweight, easily portable and is claimed to provide up to 30% more airflow due to its patented ‘wind ring’ design.


The Lasko 3720 product has specifically designed protection from the elements for use in the window, (though is still not an outdoor fan) so if you are looking for a weather-friendly fan for good air circulation, this should be on your list.

Why wouldn’t we buy it.

Quality of the Lasko 3720 Weather-Sheild Performance seems to be not as good as some others.\


4. Best Personal – OPOLAR 8 Inch Desk Fan

Our pick
OPOLAR 8 Inch Desk Fan with Timer, USB Operated
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01/26/2021 10:43 am GMT

We can debate whether it is quite a box fan or not, but the Opolar was too good to leave off this list. If you are on the search for a small, personal fan this is the one for you.


It is packed full of features nearly all box fans do not have.

For example, it has 5 speed settings and a very sleek design with 3 blades.

You will also get a timer along with the ability to rotate the fan up to 90 degrees.

It is also power by USB, so it’s highly portable and you have no need to find an electrical socket.

This product is very easy to use and doesn’t make too much noise.


Your best choice for a compact portable desk, kitchen RV fan powered by USB which means its ideal for travel. It is also packed full of extra features that other similar products don’t have.

Why wouldn’t we buy it.

If you are looking for a powerful fan for a whole room, this is not for you.


5. Impress IM-719BX Box Fan

Our pick
Impress IM-719BX Box Fan
Check Price Learn More
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

This little nugget is a great consideration if you are looking for a smaller box fan option. Generally, box fans measure 20 inches, but this is a little smaller at 9 inches.

It is a good quality fan that is quiet, portable, has three speeds and perfect for your desk, kitchen or somewhere else you might be in need of a personal fan.

It is very easy to use and it has feet which you can use to ensure it has good stability and it moves good air for its size.

This product is electric-powered, not battery powered and has 3 speed setting options, and doesn’t make too much noise.


This top-rated product is great if you are looking for a smaller more personal fan that you want to place near you.

Why wouldn’t we buy it.

If you want something for a bigger room, this is not for you.


6. AC Infinity AXIAL 1238, Muffin Fan

Our pick
AC Infinity AXIAL 1238, Muffin Fan, 120V AC
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01/26/2021 07:43 am GMT

Again it is probably debatable if it could be considered a traditional ‘box fan’ but the Axial is another worth mentioning.


If you want a small powerful cooling fan this product could be your best choice. It is specifically designed to be small and powerful, so it certainly won’t work in all applications, but for those very specific times you might need cooling or ventilation, this fan is perfect as it provides great airflow.

Unlike others, it can be mounted and it is made from aluminum metal, not plastic, so you are getting a higher quality.

It also has larger model options.


High-quality materials and great for cooling something specific such as tanning beds and server racks. Can be mounted.

Why wouldn’t we buy it.

If you want to provide cool air for your whole room, this is not for you.


7. Comfort Zone CZ200A 20″

Our pick
Comfort Zone CZ200A 20" 3-Speed Box Fan
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

This fan is another solid choice and this unit comes with all the things you expect such as 3 speed settings, a handle so it is easy to carry relatively quiet and easy to assemble.

At 20″ it is compact and is very easy to choose which setting you want with the controls at the top.

Assembly is simple with only feet on the bottom to install for stability, and it has a handgrip at the top to make it easy to carry.

It has a metal case rather than plastic making it more durable and is very lightweight


Metal casing and easy operation and it provides a good breeze

Why wouldn’t we buy it.

As the controls are on the top, it might not be suitable for your window.


8. Black & Decker 9 inches Frameless Tabletop

Check Price Learn More
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01/26/2021 10:42 am GMT

This is another ideal option for those looking for something small for their desk, kitchen or any other personal space application.

It measures 9 inches and the operation of the fan is easy with 3 speeds and is electric, not battery powered.

The design of the fan is a little different, with no square framing, like most others, making it a little more appealing to those worried about aesthetics.

Obviously, it is very lightweight and will fit easily in small spaces.


Unique design makes it a bit ‘cooler’ looking than your average box fan. Good personal fan option.

Why wouldn’t we buy it.

If we were looking for something to cool a bigger room.


9. Air King 9723 20-Inch

Air King 9723 20-Inch 3-Speed Box Fan
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01/26/2021 01:43 pm GMT

This powerful box fan is ideal for large rooms or offices looking for a lightweight unit that provides solid airflow or for your room or office or anywhere where space is limited, such as the kitchen or bedroom. The strong motor makes this product a good consideration for those with a larger space.

More importantly, you can feel comfortable knowing you are covered with a 1-year warranty. These products are notorious for being poorly constructed so a 1-year warranty goes a long way.

It is compact, lightweight and has rust-resistant grills as well as easily portable and the motor is fully enclosed.

The height of the unit is 21 inches and the weight is 11.4 pounds.


High cfm fan that is perfect for and office or larger rooms and has a 1 -year warranty.

Why wouldn’t we buy it.

Controls at the top mean it’s not ideal to go in your window.


10. Camair Bx100 High Performance

Our pick
Camair Bx100 High Performance Box Fan
Check Price Learn More
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01/26/2021 10:43 am GMT

Like most of the other models above the Camair is simple in its design and functionality. With 3 speeds it is easy to operate and ideal if you want to get some air movement in your room.

At 22 inches it is compact and should fit easily into most spaces.

The product is made in the USA, moves a lot of air, and has a steel frame, not plastic like some others.


It has a heavy-duty steel frame, not plastic, and moves good air.

Why wouldn’t we buy it.

There might be other more durable products available.


11. Hurricane Box Fan 20 Inch | Classic Series 


The Hurricane box fan is probably a good option if you are looking for a fan that blows a good amount of air but you don’t mind the noise.

The consensus seems that this fan blows quality air but is quite loud.

It comes with a nice wee tilt feature, where you can tilt the fan around 15 degrees and direct the airflow slightly more than your average box fan.

The speed dial for the fan is contentious in its placement.

The dial is located inside the fan area where other fans generally have their dial on the top.

Like most box fans the Hurricane has 3 speed settings.

By having it in the fan area it means there are no obstructions if you use the fan in the window, however, a number of customers did mention they were not overly happy about where the dial was placed and preferred having it on the top of the fan.


Having sifted through hundreds of reviews there seems to be a general consensus that this Hurricane box fan is quite loud for a box fan.

It seems to blow a lot of air but at the expense of noise.



12. Lasko B20401 Decor 20″


Much like the Hurricane box fan above, the Lasko B20401 is one of those fans that seem to trade off airflow for noise.

It got a lot of feedback about being loud but also moving a good amount of air providing solid air circulation.

It comes with small attachable feet that can be put on and removed at will. This adds a little more stability to the fan.

The defining feature of this fan is the fact it comes in black.

Many purchasers made the decision to buy the fan due to its color and style, even saying that even if it is dirty it tends not to show up like on other, white fans.

It comes with a handle on the top of the fan for easy portability and also has the 3-speed dial on the top of the fan, much like other Lasko box fans.


Much like others, a few recurring criticisms were made in regards to the build quality.

It was also mentioned a few times that this fan can be a little unstable and fall over a little bit too easily.



13. Lasko 3733 20″ Box fan 


The Lasko 3733 box fan comes in a couple of colors, grey and black which is a popular choice as it looks more stylish and also does not show the dirt like lighter colored fans.

It has 3 speeds and the speed dial is on the top of the fan also, like other Lasko fans, it comes with a handle on the top for easy portability.

The fan is ETL listed, so has passed safety testing, however unlike a lot of other Lasko box fans, this particular fan does not come with weather resistant finishing, so is not ideally suited for windows where the fan will face the elements.

One customer tested this fan along with a number of other box fans and found this fan used mid-range power (w) compared to other similar fans, though the amount of power between their fans, and what they end up costing is negligible unless you count your money right down to the cent.

During the test, this fan was also recorded to produce medium-range noise compared to others.

Windflow measured in similar, so all in all, this fan sit around the middle range for box fans in terms of output. (source – first review)


Not unlike other box fans, some units fall victim to poor construction and materials, causing defective units.



14. Mainstays 20″ Box Fan


Mainstays 20-inch box fan is good value for money.

The fan itself has 3 speeds and its construction has minimal screws and snaps into place rather than being screwed together around the unit.

This was one common complaint people had as it made it hard for people to take apart to clean the fan.

The blade design is a little different to other box fans and was commented on by a number of users about how this helps produce more airflow.

The fan is sturdy and has a good base which means it doesn’t succumb to tipping as some other fans do.

It also comes in a number of colors including black which many people prefer due to dust not showing up and the fan not looking dirty all the time.

The controls for the fan are found on the face of the fan, rather than the top like the Lasko fans.


Hard to take apart to clean.



15. Lasko #3723 20-Inch Premium Box Fan 


The Lasko 3723 is probably what you would call a run of the mill box fan.

According to one reviewer who tested a number of fans this fans stacks up about the middle of the pack when it comes to power usages (W) noise and airflow.

That’s is neither bad nor good, which in a sense sums this fan up.

For the most part, the fan gets positive reviews.

It does what it is meant to do – blow air.

The speed dial is on the top of the fan and so is the carry handle like the other Lasko fans we have reviewed in this article.

It has a durable steel body and has 3 speeds as well as being ETL listed.

Unlike the 3720 however, it does not have weather-resistant coating so this is not a fan you are going to want to use when exposed to the elements.

But again, sadly, being a cheaply made product with lower quality materials some units are susceptible to quality control issues.

Most of the time you are likely to get a reasonable box fan, but just in case, remember to keep a receipt and not settle for a lemon.


It is not weather resistant and on occasion suffers from quality control issues.



What to look for when buying a Box fan.

Box fans - What to consider


• Power / CFM

An important consideration with any fan you purchase is how powerful the fan is.

Wind power in a fan is measured by CFM’s and the more CFM moves, the more powerful the wind power (generally speaking).

For the most part, CFM in a box fan does not differ all that significantly and may range from around 900CFM to 2500 CFM.

You can see a comparison of some of the more powerful box fans here.

With all that said, the difference 1000 CFM will make will be significant so it is wise to decide how powerful you want your fan to be before you buy.


• Size

You will likely find most typical box fans are about 20 inches.

However, if the particular size is important to you-you will want to check the other dimensions.

For example, many people use box fans in their window, and window panes will differ in size and space.

There is no point purchasing a box fan for the window that won’t sit correctly.

If you just intend to use the box fan on the ground or somewhere similar, it may not be as big of an issue, but the size of the fan is always worth thinking about before you buy.


• Features

Unlike a lot of other fans, you will likely find that box fans typically don’t have a whole lot of features and often no remote control.

There might a few little design elements like a carry handle, small leg stands and obviously a speed dial, but outside of those box fans do not tend to vary much in terms of features.

Box fan in an room


• Application

There are a few different applications for a box fan and the considerations for each may be a little different.

Often people will use a box fan on the ground, or on a table and there are a few things above and below to think about.

However, a common application for a box fan is using them in the window as a window fan.

First, you may want to consider is a box fan or window fan best for this application?

If you do decide to go with a box fan it is worth considering the following things:

  • Where is the speed dial?
  • It may seem like a silly question but there are some box fans out there that have the speed dial on the back of the fan rather than the side or top.
  • This obviously makes things a pain in the bum to change speeds along with making it a less efficient fan for using in the window.
  • Weatherproofing
  • If your location is susceptible to the elements then you will want to make sure that you get a box fan intended to withstand them.
  • Not all box fans are made for that application so before you buy, ensure you look for a box fan that is made with materials that can deal with the exposure conditions or purchase a fan that has been weatherproofed.
  • Detachable feet
  • Having the feet at the bottom of the fan has known to cause some issues when the fan is being placed in a window. Does the fan you are purchasing have removable feet? Or does it not have any at all?
  • Size
  • As mentioned above, measure your window first and make sure you are buying something that is going to fit in that space.


Box fan Noise meter


• Quiet Box fan

If you are looking for a quiet box fan, we recommend the Mainstays Box Fan.

In the application you intend to use the fan, will the noise bother you or do you need a quiet box fan.

For example, if you are putting your fan in the living room where you will be watching TV, then ideally you will not want a loud fan.

On the other hand, many like, or even need some white noise in their bedroom when they are trying to sleep.

This is very common and box fans actually serve this purpose well while also providing cooler surroundings.

Consider where you will be putting the fan and how much a noisy fan is going to impact your purchasing decision.


• Energy Usage

Box fans are really very energy efficient as they are and most wouldn’t use over 2 cents per hour. They are designed to provide a cheap cooling option. We will run through the cost metrics a bit further below.


• Filters

Filters are an additional feature that you can add to a box fan in order to purify the air.

You can purchase box fan air filters which sit over the top of the box fan.

This is great if you are using your box fan in the window as this can help alleviate pollens and dust which, if you have a sensitivity to, can really make a difference in comfort.


Box Fan FAQ

We mentioned above the cost of running a box fan is very cheap.

Box fans use very little power and are really, a very cheap way to help cool your room.

While they may not replace an air conditioner, they can certainly help reduce their usage.

Below are some common questions about box fans and their energy use.


• How much does a box fan cost to run?

How much does a box fan cost to run


Box fan power consumption

Let’s take one of the most popular box fans as an outlier.

The fan has 3 settings and uses the follow Watts per setting:

1- 74W

2- 95W

3- 111W

Let’s assume the fan runs for 12 hours a day at 10 cents per kWh.

That would equate to (annually):

1 – $32.4

2 – $41.6

3 – $48.6

Given that you are not likely to use the fan every day of the year, the cost is likely to be around 1/4 less (if we presume a season is a quarter of the year).

Those are very low energy usage stats.

Source: https://www.rapidtables.com/calc/electric/electricity-calculator.html


• How many amps does a box fan use

Again we will use the aforementioned box fan as an outlier.

That box fan uses the following amps:





You will likely find most box fans amp usage might vary a little but will be in very close vicinity to this particular box fan.


How many watts does a box fan use


• How many watts does a box fan use?

As above, watts on a box fan will be different from model to model, you will find the watt range to be from around 45W on a low setting to 110W on a high setting.

Check out the first review on this page for more comparisons


What are the alternatives to box fans?

Floor fan - box fan alternative


In our comprehensive article about the different types of fans, we run through all the various types of fans for the home and what each might be good for.

In this case, if you are looking to use your fan in a window but do not want as much power you could have a look at window fans.

If you are looking to use your fan on the floor but need more power, could look at a floor fan, pedestal fan or tower fan.

Pedestal fans offer more features and more height and direction control and convenience with remote controls.

Tower fans offer similar options to the above, although the fan itself is usually not as high as standing fans and they also tend to be less strong.

Floor fans are basically the big brother of a box fan, so if you are looking for an industrial box fan, this is your best option.

They are very simple in regards to features and simplicity but offer far more power, but compromise on manoeuvrability and you obviously won’t be able to use in a window!

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