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Tower Fan Comparison

Tower Fan Comparison

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Lasko 4930 35 Inch Tower Fan Review

Lasko 4930 35 Inch Tower Fan Review

The Lasko 4930 was the highest consumer rated fan that we have reviewed, to see what all the fuss was about we had to take a look.

First of all, for all the research we did of all the reviews we went through almost over 85% of them had a positive outcome after purchasing this product.

Visually it’s noticeably different from your average tower fan in that it’s a whole lot bulkier.

As we find out in our review there is a good reason for this.

Bar a few common niggles this is a good fan for people with certain requirements.

Although it doesn’t have any advanced features and comes with much the same controls, features and materials as other towers it has a whopping advantage in regards to its unique selling point.

We think this is one of the best tower fans out there.

Lasko 4930 Oscillating High Velocity Tower Fan with Remote Control - Features Built-in Timer and...
4,084 Reviews
Lasko 4930 Oscillating High Velocity Tower Fan with Remote Control - Features Built-in Timer and...
  • 3 Powerhouse Speeds - give this tower fan the...
  • Widespread Oscillation and Directional...
  • Wireless Remote Control and LED Display - are...
  • Built-in Timer - automatically shuts the fan...
  • Fully Assembled - allows you to take the fan...

Lasko 4930 Review


When you compare the design of this Lasko tower fan to many of the other Lasko Tower fans you will immediately notice that is has a bit more bulk and there is a very clear reason for it.

The fan is still nice looking despite the extra bulk, but you won’t be as stealthy hidden away as some other tower fans maybe.

However, the extra bulk makes the fan much more sturdy than its counterparts so there are no worries with the fan tipping or wobbling around on looser surfaces like carpet.

Like some other Lasko fans, this blower fan also suffers from the bright blue light problem.

The on/off feature on the control panels has a blue light which at night is actually quite bright and can light the room up more than is comfortable for sleeping.

However, as a few purchasers have mentioned you might not be using this fan at night to sleep.

Lasko 4930 35 Inch Tower Fan ReviewThe other method that we can use on this fan to direct the flow is the Louvres with a manual lever that protrudes from the grill of the fan.

You can use this to direct the flow up or down.

However, the downward angle is not very ‘down’ and criticism by some consumers was that it needs to be able to angle down further than it currently allows.

Given all the settings the airflow is still fairly targeted.

So If you are looking for some mild air at night and only a little bit of noise to get to sleep, this won’t be the fan for you.

However, if you need a very powerful blower fan, for a larger room this is more likely to be on your radar.

Another thing to remember of course is that while this fan produces a huge amount of airflow it is still not an air conditioner so if you are expecting this fan to cool your room considerably you will end up disappointed.

Built into the fan is also a handle for easy portability.

This fan is not a smart app capable, so no wifi or Bluetooth either.

Air flow

Now to the primary feature of the fan.

The Lasko 4930 fan blows.


If you want to move cold air.

This is your fan.

Seriously, you will need to pin things down on your desk especially in the high setting.

In my opinion, it is almost a deciding feature for buying this fan.

While moving a lot of air is great it also makes this fan very loud.

Airflow for the fan comes from the base of the unit where it sucks in the air and pushes it up through the fan.

Because it is grabbing the air from the lowest place in the room, it will be blowing out cold air.


The Lasko 4930 comes with 3 powerhouse speeds. You are able to control the airflow on this fan with high, medium and low settings.

Other fans such as the Dyson AM07 come with 10 fan speed settings.


There are various adjustments that can be made to the fan to direct the airflow.
The first is the oscillation feature which moves the fan from side to side directing the flow around the room. Although the oscillation range on this fan is not large compared to other similar fans.

Probably the biggest criticism we found with the fan was the issues that developed regarding the oscillation feature.

For some consumers, while oscillating the fan would make sounds as it turned.

Always keep the box and receipt in case of the rare occasion this may happen.


The timer can be set on 1, 2, 4-hour sleep modes which is less the lower end of the available settings for fans. Much the same as the Holmes but less functionality than its Lasko counterpart.

Remote Control

You can control all the settings of the blower fan from the unit itself and also from the remote.

Unfortunately, with this limited option, you cannot control when within those hours the fan is turning off. So there is no timer to know how long the fan has before it turns off.

The sensor for the remote control is located on the top of the fan.

You will always need to be in light of sight with the blower fan so the remote will always need to be above the fan looking down which has caused some problems for people in the bed looking to change the settings.

Some other issues some consumers had was with the quality of the infrared signal being that you need to be close or directly in line for the signal to work.

The remote is powered by 2 AAA batteries which do not come included in the purchase of the blower fan.

There is a hook on the back of the fan where the remote can be stored which is great for keeping tabs on it.


Yes, this thing is not quiet.

One consumer tested the noise with a sound level meter and measured 12 feet from the fan and recorded the below results. #1 setting = 50 dB, #2 setting = 55 dB, and #3 setting = 60 dB.

That is around the sound of a normal conversation at 3-5 feet.


Like most other tower fans this does not have a filter that needs replacing which is always great (no having to buy filters).

Cleaning of the exterior of the fan can be done with a damp cloth (don’t use detergents or other liquids as it could damage the plastic).

The interior can be cleaned with the brush feature on your vacuum however it can be hard to get at the insides with this so the alternative and perhaps better method is with some compressed air.


The fan comes with a polarized safety plug (one blade is wider than the other) to reduce the risk of electric shock.

This plug is a safety feature so it is recommended to not attempt to defeat this safety feature as it contains a safety device (fuse) that should not be removed.

Safety is always a concern for consumers and they can feel safe knowing this fan comes with patented safety fuse technology.

This probably came about after Lasko had to recall a number of units around 2002-2004. With failure comes to progress and we now have much safer products because of the incident

The wattage is .105KW for high fan setting, 93 for medium, and 81 for low.

For comparison, the Dyson Am07 on its highest setting runs at around .05 KW so this is considerably more power.

It is really to be expected considering the far greater output of airflow this tower fan offers.


The Lasko oscillating fan comes fully assembled so no assembly required. Just plug and play right out of the box. That’s what we like!

Physical specs.

This fan is primarily made of plastic.

Depth (in.) 12 in Depth (cm.) 30.48 cm
Height (in.) 35 in Height (cm.) 88.9 cm
Width (in.) 8.75 in Width (cm.) 22.3 cm
Cord Length (ft.) 6  
Pros ✅Cons ❌
Extremely powerful fanNoisy
Remote controlOscillation feature has had problems
Fully AssembledNot as aesthetically pleasing as other models.

Consumer Ratings & Reviews

The Lasko oscillating high-velocity fan is one of the most positively rated fans (by consumers) we could find hence our desire to review the product.

Nearly 85% of people who have provided feedback have come away with a positive outlook on this fan.

The pros and cons of the fan are pretty consistent and it’s likely if you know what you are wanting in a fan that looking at this fan would be an easy yay or nay decision.


The Lasko 4930 comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


This Lasko 4930 tower fan comes with mostly the same features as its other fans, same design features such as the remote hook, handle for easy portability and remote control and settings but there is the one thing that stands it apart and there is zero doubt about the fact it moves more air.

With that comes the slightly higher price tag.


In our opinion, it’s fairly clear who this fan is most suited to.

Those who need powerful airflow.

If you are worried about noise probably not so much.

Effectively that’s what it comes down to there is a lot of happy purchasers of this tower fan, if it doesn’t develop its troublesome noise with the oscillation feature then you should have a pretty handy product.

Like most fans, there are little nitpicks of things that could be improved but it’s likely not enough to turn the positives into an overall negative experience.

Ozeri 3x 44 Inch Tower Fan Review

Ozeri 3x 44 Inch Tower Fan Review

Before we wrote the Ozeri 3x Tower Fan review we had high hopes given its many positive reviews and really stylish design. There are a lot of things to like about this fan and many little features that would make this fan one of the better ones out there. It steps away from the bladeless fan bracket and really embraces the blade fan incorporating the design around the fans themselves. However, someone reviewed the fan and mentioned “something must be up with all the positive reviews” and it turns out they were right.

Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44') with Passive Noise Reduction Technology, Black with Chrome Accent
2,086 Reviews
Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44") with Passive Noise Reduction Technology, Black with Chrome Accent
  • Upgraded with canted fan blades that utilize...
  • Boasting unrivaled technology, the 3x Tower...
  • Defining the latest in stylistic innovation...
  • Features 3 preprogrammed airflow patterns...
  • Extended range remote control and the touch...


Originality is the main ingredient in the design of this fan. It’s unlike all the other tower fans out there in that it has 3 individually controllable fans which is a different route to the bladeless fans that have become popular. They have incorporated this element into the design with the fans being a prominent part of its aesthetics to great effect. With the 3 fans, it allows the unit to have a whole lot more options in terms of airflow. A design feature that Ozeri proudly boasts is that the  Ozeri 3x  is one of the thinnest tower fans out there at only 3 inches (7.6cm) wide.

The fan sits atop a reinforced glass base which adds a bit of weight to the unit. This is always an important thing with oscillation fans as having the extra weight helps anchor the fan while it oscillates as some fans have been known to wobble around especially on surfaces such as carpets. As a result of the glass weight, it does weigh a little heavier than other tower fans because of this, around 6 pounds (2.7kg) heavier than say the Lasko 2551  tower fan. With a carry handle built into the design the fan is easily moved around should you need have the need.

Ozeri 3x 44 Inch Tower Fan ReviewIt is also on the taller size of tower fans at 44 inches (112cm)

Like most other tower fans the Ozeri 3x comes with a 6 foot long (182cm) power cord.

Like most tower fans out there this fan does not have any smart capabilities so no wifi/bluetooth/smart app capability.

The unit itself has a nice touch screen with icons showing which settings you currently have selected and also a bright blue light near the base. For some this light is far too bright and lights up a bedroom at night past the point of being able to sleep. This was easily covered but the lights on the unit cannot be unless you don’t have any intention of using the remote.


The Ozeri 3x fan gets its airflow from the 3 independently controlled canted fan blades. Because each fan is able to be turned on and off separately it allows for more options in regards to the airflow. You can have 1, 2 or 3 fans on at any one time which is a great level of customization to have. It comes with 3 airflow modes which are normal, natural, and sleep.

Normal mode is as it says, normal. It will oscillate if you have chosen that setting and blow air continuously as per a normal fan. Nature mode is a setting that can be found on a few tower fans and it is an attempt to emulate a natural wind. It works on this fan (if set on high) by cycling through the fan settings from high to medium to low for 5 seconds each. If on the medium it will only cycle through medium and low and on low between low and off. Sleep mode cycles through from high to low at 30 minutes on each setting and finishes the cycle on low-speed nature mode. Given you can choose how many fans you have working and the choice of oscillation there is a lot of options on this fan.

There isn’t, however, any options to direct the airflow up or down so you will have to hope that it works at the right height for you.

The sleep mode is great for those warm nights where you sleep with the fan on but before the room gets too cool the fan will automatically change to a lower setting. No more getting up in the night to change the fan speeds, though there have been issues for some with the amount of noise it makes during the transitions from off to low.

Unfortunately, it’s with the fans that the Ozeri 3x  has its biggest problem and not one that is a one-off or happened just a couple of times. It seems a bit more deep-rooted than that. The most common criticism with this fan was that the fans break down and stop working. I’d love to be able to say only a few times but a good majority of the negative reviews we had read encountered had this problem and if it wasn’t the fans breaking it was a screech or a humming noise. There were a lot of positive reviews though which was a bit odd the deeper we dug into the reviews we started to notice something.

“This is a great fan. 5 stars. We received a free fan for our unbiased opinion.”

Ok, good for you. Except there seem to be a lot of these favorable reviews. In fact if you sort reviews by date on Amazon (at the time of this review) the great majority of these are by customers who have received a discount, gift or free fans. Ironically not one of these people gave less than 5 stars. I’m just not sure who we should be mad at here – the reviewers or the company. So when doing your research on this fan make sure you factor this in as the great customer ratings  (on Amazon)  are highly inflated with this fan.

Ozeri 3x Tower Fan Review


Most tower fans out there come with 3 wind speed settings and the Ozeri 3x is no exception. There are a few fans out there with more settings but for the most part this is the minimum standard. High, medium and low are the choices you have to deliver your wind flow. You can control all the fans with these speeds however what you cannot do is control the wind speed settings individually for each fan. It’s all or nothing in terms of the speed settings.

Given the ability to select each fan individually it gives and extra setting to be able to control noise of the fan. Many tower fans get quite noisy on the highest settings so in this case being able to turn a fan or two off can reduce the sound output a little should you be in the situation you need a bit less noise.


Having a fan that oscillates is great for directing airflow around a room rather than directing the flow all in one place. The degree tower fans oscillate is always something buyers comment on so it’s great to be aware of to what degree the fan you might be buying oscillates. The good news is the Ozeri 3x oscillates up to 90 degrees. That is a good level of oscillation and great for spreading the airflow around a room.


Timers are pretty much a must-have feature for tower fans. As with the oscillation features, the timer settings on different fans differ a lot ranging up to 9 hours at various increments. Like the oscillation feature on this fan, the Ozeri 3x offers timer settings that are comparatively quite good. The timer can be set at 30-minute increments up to 7.5 hours which is great compared to a lot of other fans that only have 1 hour or more increments.

Like a lot of tower fans though there is no way to be able to tell at what point during the cycle you are (ie 23 minutes in) but better 30 mins than an hour!

The timer is a great feature for saving power especially at night time when you want the fan to turn off once you are asleep.

Remote Control

With the remote control, all settings of the fan are able to be changed without having to use the base. It works via an infrared signal and has an extended range of remote control for those larger rooms which give you more options in terms of fan placement. Especially if you don’t plan on moving out of your chair or bed.  Being an infrared remote however you will still need to be in the line of sight for the remote to work. It can be a little problematic when oscillating as you have to wait until the fan is point back at you to change the settings.

The fan has a nice visual display of the current settings on the unit so you can see which settings you currently have input.

A great feature about this fan which many other fans do not have its ability to remember your settings if the power goes off or it is unplugged. So no messing around trying to get your last setting after a power mishap.

When pressing the buttons on the remote or fan base there is a beep. It’s common on most tower fans but can be a bit problematic for those late-night fan changes while someone else might be sleeping. If trying to change the settings at night you might run into another issue in that there are no lights on the remote to light it up in the dark which makes it hard to see the buttons. Lucky there are only 6 buttons so it won’t be hard to recall the position of the settings. Still, not ideal.

If you are not using the remote there is a dedicated storage spot on the back of the fan.

Powering the remote control is a Lithium CR2032 battery which thankfully comes with the unit upon purchase.


Noise is always a big issue for purchasers of tower fans. Tower fans are commonly bought for use in bedrooms and so often they will be disappointed because the fan they have purchased is not near-silent At the same time companies perpetuate the myth that that’s how quiet fans are. Tower fans are not silent and purchasing a tower fan knowing this will make your experience far more pleasant. Of course, there are varying degrees of sound with different fans. So how loud is the Ozeri 3x Tower fan? It claims less than 50 DB which is about the same level as a normal conversation.

The fan is promoted as having passive noise reduction technology and gives this detailed description on how it works.

Upgraded with canted fan blades that utilize the physics of blade curvature to generate opposing sound waves to reduce blade noise and isolate the soothing sounds of the airflow itself.

Eh? You what now? Anyhow, as it turns out this won’t be the quietest fan you ever own probably not the noisiest either. Its pretty much on par with other tower fans in regards to the sound.


Ozeri recommends the same method to clean this fan as bladeless fans which are with a vacuum cleaner and brush for the interior parts and a damp cloth for the exterior (never use any cleaning chemicals or liquids as you may damage the unit). Alternative methods for cleaning the insides are with compressed air which works a bit better when your vacuum cannot get to the bits inside.

One advantage that the bladeless fans have over the traditional fans is that they have no filters or blades which need cleaning. One could actually see this in two ways. Because there is no need to clean the insides and there is no filter to remove, take those fans apart is a lot more difficult especially if your fan is getting a build-up in dirt or dust. This fan however is much easier to pull apart. With some simple DIY, you can remove the frame of the fan and get stuck right into the parts of this fan with your compressed air or vacuum for a much more thorough clean.


The fan in this review Ozeri 3x OZF3 is designed for a 120v-60Hz electrical supply so always check your power source before purchasing depending on which country you are in.

Safety is always important and it’s good to know this tower fan is ETL Listed. One safety feature to note is the fuse on the plug. If for some reason your fan stops working it could be a potential reason. The fuse is rated at 2.5  amps and 125 volts. Along with the safety fuse, the fan has a polarized plug to reduce the chance of electric shock.
The front of the fans features a honeycombed grill which prevents small fingers from reaching the fans.

Ozeri claims the fan runs at  90W.


Assembly is on the easier side and comes mostly pre-made. There is some small amount of assembly required to put the fan together which effectively requires putting the unit in the base and tightening with the nut. It’s important the nut is tight in order to prevent any wobbling of the fan.

Unique Features of this fan

So what is unique about this fan? Actually quite a bit. The design is very different from other fans. Having the 3 fans which are individually controlled (for the most part) is definitely a unique selling point and very much adds to the customization of the settings. The breeze/nature modes are found on some other fans but certainly not all. The ability to use the timer all the way up to 7.5 hours in just 30-minute increments offers better power saving options than most other fans and the fact it will remember your current settings if the power is suddenly turned off is a big bonus.

Physical Specs

Depth (in.)
3 in
Depth (cm.)
7.62 cm
Height (in.)
44 in
Height (cm.)
111.76 cm
Width (in.)
8 in
Width (cm.)
Cord Length  (ft.)
6 ft
Pros ✅Cons ❌
Unique designQuality issues with the fans breaking down
You can set the timer at 30 min incrementsFan often develops loud noises in the fans or oscillation.
Fans can be turned on & off individually for greater customizationLights are very bright in a dark room.
Good oscillation range
The Control panel visually shows what settings you are on
Remembers your settings if the power is turned off


It is certainly not in the Dyson price bracket but the Ozeri 3x is but is still a good chunk more expensive than the Lasko 2551  or  Holmes 36″  so you would be expecting to have a higher quality fan for the extra price.

Consumer Ratings & Reviews

So if you look at the star ratings on Amazon you will see this fan has a lot of great reviews and a very high rating from a lot of people. However, as we looked into this we found a lot of these reviews came from customers receiving discounts, fans or gifts in exchange for writing a review. Now it could just be a coincidence that almost everyone of these reviews gave a five-star rating or it might not be. We can leave that up to you to determine but still has a lot of good ratings despite this but one has to be concerned about the consistency of the problems in the negative reviews.


If this fan was done right it would be a wonderful fan. There might be a whole lot of people out there who do have a good one. It has a really nice design and the ability to control each fan is great, it has some extra features some fans don’t have and the 30 min increments on the timer is great. But the consistent complaints about the fans breaking down is a bit concerning if you are wanting peace of mind. With just the one-year warranty for the extra pricing ideally you would want to be covered for longer or you would expect a high-quality product. Let’s hope they can fix the issues for the next fan as it is one of the more exciting designed towers fans.