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Holmes 36 Inch Tower Fan Review

Holmes 36 Inch Tower Fan Review

The Holmes 36 inch tower fan is one of Amazon’s best-selling fans so that means it’s got to be good right?

If it sells so many it must be! We dig a little deeper in this review and find we might want to relook at that theory. As far as settings and functions go it is fairly run of the mill. It has your sleep timer, oscillation, wind speeds and unique breeze settings along with the remote control.

Probably its most attractive feature is its price and for a low budget you could end up with a reasonable fan. So why are we a little skeptical? When we dig a little deeper we find a few issues.

While searching for fans for certain rooms it’s not often we get specifications from manufacturers where the fans have been designed to function in. In a way, it goes against their interest to limit their potential sales base.

So it’s great in this case that Holmes has stated that these fans were produced to work in the bedroom/ living/medium-sized rooms. Depending on your preference while looking it might save you a bit of time knowing this. As we go through the review a bit further we can see that if you are looking for something for a bigger room it’s probably not going to be an option for you.

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The design of the Holmes 36 inch fan is nice and has the slim, sleek fan design that most tower fans implement. It comes with 2 color variants, white and black. EXCEPT, the white is not white.

It’s a pale gray or off white, not the white as specified on many websites selling the product. Many consumers were surprised by this, some pleasant, some not so much so that’s something to be aware of if purchase the white variant.

Built into the fan is a kind of handle/slot in order to give the option of easy portability. Also built into the design is a slot to keep the remote when it’s not in use. A great feature for keeping track of the remote.

The base. Sadly many consumers found the base flimsy and not that well built causing the fan to move around and wobble on the higher settings. This was probably one of the most common complaints with the fan and when nearly 1 in 5 people have not had a positive experience with the fan after purchasing (not all of these negatives relating to the base and movement, but a fair few) it would have to be a bit skeptical of the craftsmanship.

The power cord for this fan is black. I mention this as with some other fans the color of the cord had no synergy with the rest of the design.

This fan does not have any smart features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, smart apps.


Unlike the Lasko 2551 this fan does not come with any mode or method of directing airflow up or down.


The Holmes 36 Inch comes with 3 wind speed settings, effectively low medium and high, much like many other tower fans. What’s unique about this fan in relation to other tower fans is its breeze setting.

There are 2 breeze settings, natural and sleep. Natural is an attempt and creating a natural breeze you might feel outside. It cycles through the fan speed settings randomly creating an ebb and flow of wind. The sleep breeze setting with cycle through the wind speed settings in order, so from high to medium to low.

Whether this is of any benefit is debatable and many consumers have viewed this feature as merely an unuseful gimmick.


Like most tower fans it does have the oscillation feature with a reasonable spread of around 65 degrees left and right which is much more than its Lasko counterpart.


The timer has 4 timer settings. 1, 2, 4 and 8 hours. This not as many settings as compared to many other fans included the Lasko 2551 which has the ability to add half-hour increments.

Remote Control

With the remote control of the Holmes 36 Inch Tower Fan, you are able to control all the fan’s functions. The timer, wind speed settings, breeze settings and oscillation. Unfortunately for those who use their fans at night and may have sleeping partners the buttons beep when pressed, so probably no stealthy fan setting changes at night.

Another somewhat frustrating feature of the remote and fan settings is that the on/off button and fan speed settings are all part of the same button, so you need to cycle through the other settings in order to choose a new setting (for example if you are on high wind speed setting and want to get through to the medium setting you will have to go through the on/off and low speed first). Not ideal.

The remote is powered by 2 AAA batteries which are not included in the original purchase.

Without the remote, you are able to control all the features and settings from the fan unit itself.

The fan actually has a good oscillation range more than its Lasko counterpart, however, on numerous occasions the fan has fallen flat on its performance for its consumers when it has developed a noise at the peak of its oscillation. It was one of the most common gripes from consumers in our research.


There is nothing too different from most other fans in regards to cleaning this unit. The fan does not have a filter that needs replacing as specified by the manufacturer below. Also, cleaning can be done with a damp cloth for the exterior and compressed air for the insides.


Being a bladeless fan is a big plus for safety points. One of the other safety features the fan employs is overload protection (fuse). A blown fuse indicates an overload or short-circuit. The manufacturer recommends contacting them at their website if you blow a fuse. It may seem a little over the top but Lask had to do a fan recall because of safety issues.

This fan has a polarized plug to reduce the risk of electric shock. Regarding voltage the model reviewed here is 110v. Always check with the retailer before you buy as voltage may differ.
As far as energy goes the manufacturer claims to use around 69 watts. A bit ambiguous without knowing which settings this was tested on but take it as you will.


Assembling the fan takes around 10-15 minutes and requires a Phillips screwdriver. As mentioned above regarding the base a few consumers have had some issues connecting the base unit. Full instructions come in the user manual.

Physical specs.

The product is 32 x 16 x 10 inches in size. This is 6 inches shorter than its Lasko counterpart and a number of consumers commented on how short it is so bear in mind the shorter size of this model. The base of the unit is approximately  11†in diameter so also be aware that’s how much ground space you will need for the fan.

Special Features

The thing that sets this fan apart from its closest rivals is its breeze settings and 3-year limited warranty.

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Wide oscillationThe base is often wobbly
Not too noisyRemote has to cycle through wind settings rather than being able to choose directly
Remote ControlCan develop an annoying noise after a while when oscillating.
3 Year Warranty

Consumer Ratings & Reviews

Although this is one of the best-selling fans on Amazon one can’t help but be a little dissuaded when nearly 1 in 5 people have not had a positive purchasing experience and it’s not a small number of people. Luckily this fan is on the lower end of the purchasing scale and there are still a number of people who have been content with the fan.


According to the user manual, this fan comes with a 3-year limited warranty.


As mentioned above, this fan is toward the lower end of the price range for tower fans generally coming in under $40.


After researching this fan and reading hundreds of reviews I can’t help but this fan is a bit too hit and miss. It’s one of the top sellers on Amazon, it’s cheap, it’s has a remote, fairly standard fan settings, output that is adequate but not amazing. But I keep coming back to the 1 in 5 customers with a negative experience.

That’s a lot higher than some other fans which you can pay a little extra for. It’s the point of difference, the breeze settings are not really a pulling point so, for the most part, there are other fans that are bigger and come with less potential issues out there for a little more such as the Lasko 2551, Amazons another top seller.

If you are on a shoestring budget and might be ok with something that isn’t a world-beater but still looks good it might work ok for you. I would certainly look at your options carefully.

Lasko 2551 Wind Curve Review

Lasko 2551 Wind Curve Review

The Lasko 2551 is one of the top sellers on Amazon and for the most part, is a solid yet unspectacular unit.

It isn’t the best-looking tower fan, it doesn’t have the largest airflow, nor the most settings and isn’t the quietest BUT as far as getting a good mix of all those features, for the price, this fan would be high up the list.

It’s one of the cheaper ones out there and given some of the poor quality of other tower fans you can definitely do a lot worse.

In fact, as far as performance for money goes we think it’s one of the best tower fans out there.

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Lasko 2551 Design

The Lasko 2551 42″ wind curve platinum cooling fan has a very nicely styled curved profile design.

It comes with two design options, one being the fake wooden facade front or the more standard silver.

The fan itself is a bladeless fan so it comes with the benefits such as less noise production and no difficult blades to clean.

The fan comes in 2 styles, the Wooden front design, and the silver.

Quite a few punters have been surprised by the size of this fan, and at 42″ it is on the taller side of Tower fans.

A shortfall with some said punters has been the relatively short length of the cord.

At only around 4ft long there is not a lot of leeway for placement away from the power source.

The standard lights on the base of the fan are not bright, so it won’t light your room while you are sleeping. Ionizer light, however, is very bright and can light up the room if you are using the fan at night.

Some consumers have had to put tape over it.

Safety is always a concern for consumers and they can feel safe in the fact this fan comes with patented safety fuse technology.

Funnily enough, this probably came about after Lasko had to recall a number of units around 2002-2004. With failure comes to progress and we now have much safer products because of the incident.

And to reaffirm that safety factor 2551 is also ETL listed which means it has passed independent North American safety standards.

The design purists might not like the fact the Lasko 2551 comes with a black cord but the patented Blue Safety Plug.

Built into the fan is also a handy carry handle to make it easy to move the fan around the house. A really useful feature considering it’s on the larger side for tower fans.

This fan does not support any Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or smart app features.


The amount of air it blows is contentious for a lot of users.

While many were happy, others were a little disappointed in how much air it would blow.

Your level of contentedness may well depend on how much air you are wanting to move. If you are looking for the most powerful fan on the market, you would be better looking at its Lasko counterpart the Lasko 4930 which moves a whole lot of air or even the hybrid Lasko 4443 which is probably in between those 2 models in terms of airflow.

On the front of the fan, there are adjustable louvers in the front grill to control the direction of the airflow up and down. With the oscillation side to side, it gives a few options in terms of airflow.

Often people confuse tower fans for air conditioners so it is important to note that this is not an air conditioner and has no thermostat, so you won’t be able to control the air temperature with this.


Most standard tower fans these days come with a minimum of three speeds and the Lasko 2551 is no exception.

With just the three speeds: low medium and high speed there is a standard amount of options for your wind flow.

Other fans such as the Dyson Am07 (10) have a few more wind speeds options.


Like any decent modern-day fan, the Lasko 2551 has the oscillation feature which enables you to spread the airflow around the room rather than just in one direction.

Oscillating at around 70 degrees it has one of the smaller ranges of oscillation angle with the Dyson Am07 operating at around 90 degrees.


The timer is a bit funny in the way it works.

It has settings of ½, 1, 2, and 4 and any number you can make with those numbers up to 7 ½ hours.

So, for instance, ½, 1, 1 ½, 2, 2 ½, 3, 3 ½, etc etc.

The timer setting is great for people who are going to sleep and want the fan to turn off automatically.

It’s also a great tool in being energy efficient given you don’t need to keep the fan running constantly.

The timers can be set by both the remote control and on the unit itself.

Remote Control

The Lasko 2551 comes with a remote control that can control all the functions on the fan.

The remote takes 2 AAA batteries.

You can control the power, oscillation, speed, timer, and ionizer from the remote and all of these can also be changed on the unit base itself as well.

Also, the great thing about the controls is they are located at the top of the unit at waist height so that means no bending over to floor level to reach the base to change any controls.

The remote control is Infrared and like other fans, it must be pointed at the tower fan sensor and be in light of sight to work.

Unfortunately, in this case, there have been a number of consumers frustrated by the short range of the infrared remote, having to be quite close for it to work along with the fact it has to be in the line of sight.

The fan does not beep when the buttons are pressed which is great for changing the fan settings when someone is sleeping.


As far as noise goes this fan is very middle of the range.

It operates at about 67db on its highest setting which is a little louder than the Dyson Am07 (61db) and even the Honeywell HY-280 (64db)


Cleaning instructions state not to open the fan in order to clean it.

The recommendation is to clean the Fan only with a vacuum equipped with a brush attachment; however, some have had trouble as vacuums do not have enough suction to get right inside.

Others have successfully used compressed air in order to comprehensively clean out the fan. You won’t need to buy filters for the fan.

The body should only be cleaned with a soft cloth, not with any alcohol or solvents.


Lasko 2551 reviewLasko 2551 Wind Curve Review

Always be sure to check the power supply before you purchase. The model reviewed here is 120V.

Unique features of this fan

This Lasko tower fan with ionizer is one of only a number of tower fans that contain an ionizer.

An Ionizer is used to remove particles from the air.

The Airborne particles are attracted to the electrode in a similar way to static electricity.

The ions are de-ionized by seeking earthed conductors, such as walls and ceilings.

Ionizing the air is intended to make the air healthier.

It’s great for people who suffer from allergies or asthma or respiratory ailments like that.

A regular fan stirs up these irritants but the Ioniser offsets that.

The Ionizer is carb compliant.

While this is great stuff, there is little way to measure the effectiveness of this and many consumers did not notice much difference with this feature on or off.


The assembly is relatively simple but does require a bit of construction out of the box which requires a small Phillips head screwdriver to assemble a total of 6 screws, 2 of which hold the base together and 4 hold the base to the fan.

There’s a small tab on the bottom of the unit which has to align with the base, but there are no little tricks to assembling the fan.

Physical Specs

Depth (in.)
13 in
Depth (cm.)
33.02 cm
Height (in.)
42.5 in
Height (in.)
107.95 cm
Width (in.)
13 in
Width (in.)
33.02 cm
Cord Length (ft.)


There are not really any specific accessories that go with the fan as such, but as with other fans the fan may still need cleaning.

As the manufacturer does not recommend taking the fan apart the suggested way to clean it is with a vacuum and brush and the outside with a soft cloth.

However, some had more success with an air compressor.

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Good airflowIonizer light is too bright at night
Is one of the quieter fans availableRemote range is short
Simple to use
Air Ioniser

Consumer Ratings

There is an overwhelming positive from consumers after buying this fan.

This fan is the best selling Tower fans on Amazon and with the positive feedback, it is no surprise consumers are happy to purchase this reliable fan.

It doesn’t go without its gripes but for the most part, they have not warranted poor feedback from its purchasers.

For the price, you pay the quality of the fan appears to deserve its favorable ratings.


Like most of the other tower fans around a similar price, the Lasko 2551 comes with a one year warranty.


As far as price goes it might be a tad more expensive to similar tower fans though catch this fan in a sale and you may end up getting a good deal.

Given the positive feedback and what seems to be a very reliable, well designed and functioning fan paying a few extra dollars for the quality would not be unwise.

Lasko 2551 Review Conclusion

There will always be things about most products you don’t like and your opinion on that product will be defined by those things.

There are a few things to not like about this tower fan but for the most part, they are minor annoyances.

A short cord, a bright light, a better range on the remote, a small oscillation range are things to suffer through with this fan but really the primary reasons for buying a fan, good airflow, easy to use, a range of setting options are well covered.

It’s a durable stylish piece of machinery that has earned thousands of favorable reviews.

If you don’t have a huge budget and are looking for a reliable fan with good airflow that just, works well this would be a suitable fit.

It’s not silent, and it won’t have the biggest output of all fans but it’s very good in between.

If you are looking for a variation in a design you could also check out the Lasko 2554 which is effectively the same except it has a wooden finish

Lasko also has an updated model of 2551, the Lasko 2651.

Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan Review

Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan Review

It looks swish and has the price tag to match the fancy design, but how do the rest of the features stack up? We find out in this Dyson AM07Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan Review review.

Boasting a quieter fan, less energy consumption and a number of various upgrades from its predecessor a lot of work has gone into the latest generation of Dyson fan.

With its original bladeless fan design, it instantly puts this fan on many consumers list of fans to look at.

This fan certainly has its plusses and minuses and there was a common theme amongst many consumers in regards to its sound.

I’ll discuss that below.

How about that price tag though?!

Price tag aside we think this is one of the best tower fans out there.Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan Review

Air Distribution

The Dyson Am07 uses a bladeless fan technology Air Multiplier currently trademarked by Dyson.

The bladeless fan technology although currently used by Dyson was claimed to be invented by Toshiba in 1981.

The fan carries no external fans or blades and in short, the air is sucked in through the base and pushed up and out through the perimeter of the oval portion of the fan.

Because of the design, the air is also sucked in through the ring and creates a smooth airflow out into the room. It’s called the Multiplier as it claims to put out far more airflow than it takes in.

There is obviously a little more to it than that and you can read about in more detail here, or view how the concept works below. It is fascinating to know how exactly it works.

An oscillating fan moves from side to side in order to create a breeze all throughout the room and this fan is no different to other fans in that you are able to choose between stationary and oscillating settings.

This oscillates to approx 70 degrees.

The benefit of having oscillation is distributing the airflow around the room and not just in one stationary direction.


At 10 airflow speeds, the Dyson AM07 has far more speeds to choose from than most competitors.

Remote Control

Dyson am07 remoteDyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan Review
The fan comes with a sleek looking remote control.

You can control the power, oscillation speed, and sleep timer settings.

The remote is magnetic so can slot onto the fan.


The timer can also be set to automatically shut off the fan at 15, 30 or 45 minutes, or for hourly increments for longer durations.

This is a great way to save power and can be used at night time when you are going to sleep or to prep the temperature if you are leaving the house for a while.

It’s a great feature for the energy conscious people.

Not only that it gives far more options than most other fans which often only give control at 1 or more hourly increments.


The Am07 has a stunning design and it is its design that sets it apart from other tower fans.

Some have likened it as the Apple of Tower fans because of its sleek design. It contains no visible blades.

It’s very clear that the design is one of its great appeals, however, one oversight they seemed to have made which has been noticed by some consumers is the lack of finishing of their design with their plug and cord.

The colour of the plug and cords do not match the colour of the machines.

A small oversight but given the price tag and fantastic design of the actual unit it became a little bit of a disappointment for those with attention to detail.

Does it have filters or anything to clean?
The filters are located at the bottom or base of the fan and cannot be removed.

This may lend itself to potential problems in homes that have moulting animals as being at the base, it’s easier to collect hair. However, the base can be cleaned with compressed air.

The oval part of the fan can be cleaned with a damp cloth, do not, however, use detergents or polishes to clean it or it may cause damage to the unit.

Dyson recommends using soft brushes to clear any debris in the base in the main oval. As far as the cleaning of the main oval, this is one of the big positives for this fan.

Cleaning is super easy given there are no blades and you don’t need to remove anything to get into the fan blades.

Because who likes cleaning right?!

Great for those not interested in the labour-intensive cleaning of traditional fans and blades. This machine is not an air conditioner.

Many questions asked about this fan is whether or not it has Air conditioning.

This machine IS NOT an air conditioner.

It does not actively cool your air temperature.

What it does do is work as other fans do in that it sucks in the hot air within the room and pushes it out at a high speed, thus cooling the air.

Much the same way riding fast on a bike feels cooler.

Even though the temperature is hot outside, you are moving fast enough that when the air hits you it feels much cooler.

As mentioned above there is occasionally some confusion over what this product does. It is not an air conditioner or a heater.

The fan is operated in two ways.

On the base panel or via the remote control.

However, the base panel does not control the full function of the fan, only the power and the speed of which the fan will operate.

You MUST have the remote to be able to operate the timer and the oscillation control.

The fan has a magnet on the top of the fan which the remote can stick to, but make sure you keep tabs on the remote if you want full function!

The remote has no screen on it so you will need to see the settings on the LCD screen at the base of the machine.

Note: Many have bought the fan and not realized how to change the wind speed settings from the base. Hold the power button down in order to be able to cycle through the wind speed settings.

What optional accessories can be purchased for the product?
As the remote is an important part of the machine, but also easy to lose, you are able to purchase extra remotes off the Dyson website.

How easy is the product to use?
As fans should be the AM07 is easy to use, plug it in, grab the remote and you are on the way. Control its oscillation, sleep timer and wind speed settings all with ease.

How easy are the controls to reach?
The controls are located at the base of the fan, so, unfortunately, no easy reaching at waist height, you will have to pop all the way down to the base. One gathers that they designed the fan to be controlled primarily with the remote, however.

What about Energy Consumption?
On its highest setting, this fan was recorded as using .06kw
Again in the marketing, we are faced with the somewhat ambiguous feature of 10% less energy and again with some digging, we establish it is stated as 10% less energy than the AM02 model.

What colours does it come in?
The AM07 comes in three different colours. White/Silver, Black and Blue. The different colours come at different prices.

Does it have smart features?
Unfortunately, the AM07 does not contain any smart features. No wifi/Bluetooth or Smart app features. There have some people who have had some success with using some universal apps for example


All the marketing for the Dyson AM07 claims that the tower fan is 60% quieter.

That’s great stuff. But quieter than what? It’s a great sounding stat, but one needs a frame of reference.

Dig a little deeper and we find its 60% quieter than the Am02 model.

That’s not much of a frame of reference for those that have not owned the AM02.

However, one frame of reference is the Quiet mark reward which the Am07 has received.

Dyson has put a lot of money and research into making their fans quieter.

With a brushless electric motor no giant fan blades it goes a long way in helping reduce the sound the fan makes. However, one might be cautioned before purchasing into thinking the fan is silent.

There have been a number of reviews with people being a little disappointed in the noise after expecting to have near no sound, especially at the hefty price tag.

On lower levels the fan performs very well, with very little sound, it is when the wind levels crank up that we start getting a bit more noise pollution.

Most consumers consider the Am07 quieter than normal fans, but as mentioned above are sometimes a little disappointed when finding out it’s not silent, especially at the higher settings.

Over at your best dig, they tested the sound of the AM07 with some other popular found and did find it was very quiet compared to those.

If you are looking for the most powerful fan regardless of sounds, then there are also probably better-suited models out there.

Special Features

What’s unique about this model?

There are the obvious ways in which this product is unique in relation to its peers.

The design obviously the leading feature.

The bladeless design.

Also the number of wind speed settings it contains.

It comes with 10 while most other fans come with around 3.

A result of the design is the smoother delivery of airflow.

The lower noise pollution and lower use of energy are also boosted by the makers of this fan.

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Stunning design & Very easy to cleanCan only control certain features from the remote and not on the base
 10 Wind speed settings & Smoother AirflowButtons on the remote are smooth and hard to recognize in the dark
Quieter than your average fan with no noisy fan bladesPrice tag
No blades mean much saferInfrared remote has to point at the base

Consumer Ratings

For the most part consumers like this fan and it has strong favourable ratings overall.

People love the design and unique look as well as the quietness, and safety of the bladeless fan.

The price tag is a big point of contention whether it’s worth forking out for something where another fan of a considerably lower price tag could do the same job.


Dyson offers a two-year warranty on the AM07.

That is a whole year more than the warranties given on most other tower fans but at that price, you would expect that at least, perhaps even more.


This is going to be one of the more expensive fans out there.

It is not cheap, and you can get many other tower fans at a fraction of the price.

The difference between those fans and this are visually very obvious.

Couple that with the other benefits and you have a product that certainly beats the competition in many areas. How much is that worth is up to you?

There are a number of different listings on Amazon so be sure to check your prices.

Prices differ as per your colour choice so be aware of that if you are looking to shave off some cost (though we think that’s not what you are looking at if you are buying this machine – why pay more for the same product)


If we ignore the price tag for a moment, this is one of the better fans out there.

It’s a little quieter than others, blows air at a similar level, looks very slick, and has more features than most other tower fans with its ten speeds and timer with 15-minute increments.

That’s without mentioning the elephant crashing around the room in that it is much more aesthetically pleasing.

Throw the price tag back into the conversation and then it really comes down to this. Do you want the best-looking fan, and what is it worth to you?