High CFM Box Fan – 2023 Comparison

High CFM Fan – Comparisons 2020

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Box Fan CFM

Box fan CFM can vary depending on the size of the fan. For a 20″ box fan, the CFM can range from around 1000 CFM up to 2500 CFM. The most powerful box fan available is the Lasko 3723 which has 2500 CFM. Below we list the top box fans CFM.

High CFM Fan – Buying Guide

When looking for a box fan one of the most important factors in finding the right one is the Airflow. Having a high CFM box fan will help you with your cooling needs.

There are of course other factors you may want to consider, such as power usage and airflow efficiency, but having the most powerful box fan may not necessarily mean it will be the best fan.

So below with have compiled a box fan CFM comparison table for easy viewing including the popular Lasko box fan CFM.

There may be a bunch of fans you have found not on the list and it is likely because there was no CFM listed, feel free to drop a comment below if there may be one missing.

Unfortunately, a number of companies do not specify their box fan CFM  so it is hard to compile a large, thorough list. 

If what you are looking at does not specify the CFM call the manufacturer’s customer service and ask for an estimate CFM for that model.

We try to have accurate CFM ratings but always check with the manufacturer to confirm.

Below, we have taken the highest speed setting for the CFM rating.

High CFM Fan Comparison

Lasko #3720 20″ Box Fan

Lasko 20″ Weather-Shield Performance Box Fan-Features Innovative Wind Ring System for Up to 30% More Air, 20 Inch, 3720
2,149 Reviews
Lasko 20″ Weather-Shield Performance Box Fan-Features Innovative Wind Ring System for Up to 30% More Air, 20 Inch, 3720
  • 3 Quiet Speeds - makes this fan ideal for the...
  • Save-Smart - means you'll pay less than $0.02...
  • Weather Shield Motor - allows you to use the...
  • Innovative Wind Ring System - is designed to...
  • Simple No-Tools Assembly - allows you to take...

Holmes Box Fan 20″ Box Fan

Holmes HBF2001DP-BM 20-Inch Box Fan,Black
8,414 Reviews
Holmes HBF2001DP-BM 20-Inch Box Fan,Black
  • 20-inch box fan ideal for medium and large...
  • Sturdy design with attachable feet for added...
  • 3 speed settings offer customized control
  • Removable grill makes cleaning easy
  • Measures approximately 3.75 x 20.5 x 20.5...

Hurricane 20″ Box Fan

Lasko #3733 Box Fan

Lasko 3733 20' Fan Box
1,049 Reviews
Lasko 3733 20" Fan Box
  • The product is 20" GRY Box Fan
  • Easy to use
  • The product is manufactured in China
  • Top mounted controls
  • Three Whisper-Quiet speeds

Lasko #3723 Box Fan

Lasko Lasko-20 Premium Box, 3-Speed (3723) Household Fans, 20'
846 Reviews
Lasko Lasko-20 Premium Box, 3-Speed (3723) Household Fans, 20"
  • fully assembled with easy carry handle
  • three quiet speeds
  • durable steel body
  • ETL listed. Patented fused safety plug.
  • Top mounted controls

Air King 9723 Box Fan

Air King 9723 20-Inch 3-Speed Box Fan , White
1,390 Reviews
Air King 9723 20-Inch 3-Speed Box Fan , White
  • 20-inch, 3-speed fan great for use in any...
  • Permanently lubricated 1/25-horsepower motor
  • Impact-resistant grills to protect the blades...
  • 8-foot, 3-conductor type SPT power cord
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty

Holmes HBF2010AWM Box Fan

HOLMES HBF2010AWM 20' White 3 Speed Box Fan
86 Reviews
HOLMES HBF2010AWM 20" White 3 Speed Box Fan
  • Two speed-settings and manual-reverse air...
  • Ideal for large rooms
  • Made in China

Which is the most powerful high CFM fan?

The most powerful box fan we have found was the Lasko #3723 20-Inch box fan which has CFM of 2500.

The Air King 9723 box fan is also a high-velocity box fan with a CFM output of 2140 CFM.

This is about the peak CFM for box fans there are not really super powerful box fans, or industrial box fans, like other variants of fans and if you were looking for a fan with higher CFM you could look at a floor fan, or perhaps a window fan or attic fan may suit your needs better.

Box fans have comparable if not more CFM on average than your typical attic fan which ranges from around 450CFM – 1600 CFM.

There are also a number of other different types of fans for cooling your home that might be suitable as well.

The Holmes hbf2010a-wm box fan, a very popular box fan model is said to have around 1200 CFM.

In general, you can expect box fan CFM to range from around 1100 CFM to 2500CFM for an average 20-inch fan. Most box fans will have 3 speeds at the CFM rating is estimated on its highest speed.

If you are looking for a large box fan, depending on your intended use, you might want to start thinking about a different kind of fans, such as a standing fan, or floor fan.

They are much more powerful.

Or if you want the best box fan, check out our in-depth guide to find the best box fan.

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