How Good are Holmes Air Purifiers? – In Depth Buyer’s Guide

How Good are Holmes Air Purifiers – An In Depth Review and Buyer’s Guide

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Many different independent tests have found that the quality of air inside your home can be much worse than the air outside. In fact, including pollen, smoke, dust, fungus, dander, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and more, many studies report that your air may be 5 to 10 times more contaminated than outdoor air. 

And all of these contaminants can aggravate not just people with allergies, but anybody and everybody, and can lead to low energy, sickness, difficulty breathing, low immune system response, cognitive difficulty, oxidation and systemic stress, accelerated ageing and even many advanced diseases and conditions.

And while the most serious of these conditions stem from much more than poor air, air quality is always a consideration and factor, and such a list really underlines the importance of air quality in health and healing.

It also helps explain why doctors and therapists always recommend – or even insist – that people with allergies, respiratory conditions or issues with their immune system get one or more air purifier for their home.

But really, an air purifier is equally important even if you have no health problems at all. Anybody who wants themselves and their families to remain as healthy as possible should consider getting an air purifier, which can make virtually any home’s environment cleaner and more wholesome, and will always increase health, wellness and overall quality of life.

What Does an Air Purifier Do?

This review will feature the Holmes Air Purifiers, which are excellent units for the money, well-reviewed and well-loved among customers. But before we get into those specific units let’s talk more generally about what an air purifier is, and what it does.

Basically, an air purifier pulls air from the room and runs that air through itself, using one or more of several basic systems to clean and purify that air before exhausting the now improved air back into the room.

A good air purifier should move enough air so that over time all, or enough, of the room’s air has been treated, and the overall air quality is significantly improved.

What Kinds of Air Purifiers Are There?

There are several different types of air purifiers, some quite expensive and some much less so – although it seems that price is not necessarily an accurate or reliable indicator of an air purifier’s effectiveness.

The basic types of air purifiers are:

  • Ultraviolet Air Purifiers
  • Negative Ion Air Purifiers
  • Ozone Air Purifiers
  • HEPA (or, better yet, True HEPA) Air Purifiers
  • Activated Charcoal Air Purifiers

Ultraviolet, ionization and ozone treatment may seem to be the most advanced technologies, but it is not always clear that these are superior systems, or that they are even all that effective. 

HEPA and charcoal filter systems, on the other hand, are proven effective, even though (or, perhaps because) they are so simple. All the units in our 2023 buyer’s guide and review of Holmes air purifiers are a combination of True HEPA and Charcoal filter systems.

What is a True HEPA filter?

HEPA stands for either High-Efficiency Particulate Air or High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting and is simply a well-designed filter system with tiny strands of carbon fibre that catch and hold all kinds of pollutants from the air which is passed through it.

True HEPA is an even better filter. Where a certified HEPA filter will catch up to 99% of particles as small as 2 microns, a True HEPA filter will arrest up to 99.7% of particles as small as .03 microns – making it much more effective in catching more harmful pollutants and keeping you healthier.

Indeed, for people with allergies or any issues with breathing, immune system or general health should always opt for a True HEPA system, which is effective not just with dander, dust and smoke, but also pollen, mould, bacteria and viral contaminants.

And really, as they are often not markedly more expensive, anybody considering an air filtration system should also always choose a True HEPA device.

Is the Holmes Air Purifier a Good Choice?

Holmes True HEPA air purifiers not only use the superior True HEPA system, they combine this most advanced filter with an additional activated charcoal filter, allowing them to capture even more – including VOCs (volatile organic compounds), smoke and odours. 

Which means that your air will not only be much cleaner and healthier, it will smell much better!

Holmes air purifiers are very highly regarded in the industry, and among customers, and are considered very effective, high-quality units. But, if that weren’t enough, they also represent a really impressive value – often substantially less expensive than comparable units from other companies.

A Holmes True HEPA air purifier will offer:

  • True HEPA filtration for eliminating up to 99.7% of even the tiniest impurities from the air
  • Activated Carbon filtration as well, for eliminating VOCs, smoke and odours
  • Effective removal of dust, mould, bacteria, viral contaminants, dander, pollen, smoke, odours and much more
  • Simple controls and interface
  • 3 (or more) running speeds
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • An industry-leading 3-year warranty

And all of this for a remarkably low price – this is the part of the review where we would normally list out some of the disadvantages and downsides of the product in question, but with the Holmes True HEPA air purifiers, I’m not sure there are any…

How Do I Choose the Best Holmes Air Purifier for Me?

We will look at 3 different Holmes True HEPA air purifying units here, all with almost exactly the same features and performance.

And so, the main criterion for choosing the right unit is simply how large of an area they will be used for. 

With air purifiers, however, it is rarely a bad idea to move up – that is, to choose a unit which is designed for a larger space than you actually have. In fact, if you have room for the unit, and it is as quiet and unobtrusive as any of these Holmes air purifiers, it will just work faster and keep the air even cleaner.

Many people who are buying air purifiers based on a doctor’s recommendation, or who suffer from allergies, respiratory problems or immune system disorders, or people with pets or children, often end up with several units, to ensure really clean and healthy air all throughout the house – typically the smallest Holmes air purifier for bedrooms and offices, and larger units for the kitchen, family room and other larger spaces.

Whichever unit or combination of units you choose, you can’t go wrong with any of these Holmes air purifiers. And, as we’ve already mentioned, they are so reasonably priced – especially for their level of quality and effectiveness – that getting more than one can give you and your family much better air throughout the house, and possibly for not much more than a single unit from one of the pricier competitors.

Holmes HAP706 True HEPA Air Purifier

The Holmes HAP706 is a small unit – only around 8 by 12 inches, and 15 inches tall – and effectively treats spaces up to 80 Square Feet (7.5 Square Meters), making it a perfect choice for an office, bedroom, nursery or any such small space.

It’s three running speeds allow it to run quietly while you’re there or more powerfully when you’re away, and its two filters make air not just much healthier, but better smelling as well.

And for a great deal on replacement filters, check out an inexpensive and top quality set of 4 compatible True HEPA filters, along with 8 carbon pre-filters here.

Holmes HAP706 True HEPA Air Purifier Features and Specifications:

  • True HEPA Air Purifier for Small Spaces
  • Effective Area: Up to 80 SF (7.5 SM)
  • 3 Running Speeds
  • True HEPA Filter and Carbon Pre-Filter
  • Optional Ionizer
  • Removes up to 99.97% of airborne allergens
  • 3 Year Factory Warranty
Holmes True HEPA Allergen Remover Mini Tower Air Purifier with Optional Ionizer | Small Space Air Purifier, White (HAP706-NU-1)
819 Reviews
Holmes True HEPA Allergen Remover Mini Tower Air Purifier with Optional Ionizer | Small Space Air Purifier, White (HAP706-NU-1)
  • 99.97 percent EFFICIENT AT REMOVING...
  • 55 CADR: Air purifier provides a 55 CADR...
  • INCLUDES IONIZER: This Holmes air purifier...
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS: 3 speed settings to...
  • Air purifier with space saving tower design...

Final Thoughts: Should You Purchase a Holmes True HEPA Air Purifier?

If you suffer from allergies, respiratory problems, immune system weakness or disorders or various other health issues, the answer to this question is obvious – you should have and use an air purifier, either from Holmes or another reputable and high-quality company. And indeed you may be here and doing research at the prompting, or even insistence, of your doctor or therapist.

But regardless of your situation, it is hard to imagine any house, apartment, office or other living environments which would not become a much cleaner and healthier place with an air purifier.

Who Can Benefit from an Air Purifier?

Simply stated, everybody:

  • If you have health issues, an air purifier will help you and make you healthier
  • If you are perfectly healthy, an air purifier will prevent health issues and keep you healthy.

If you have a family, if you have pets, if you smoke, if you live in an urban or high pollution area, if you cook a lot in a contained area, or if you simply want optimal health and well being for yourself and your loved ones, getting one or more good and effective air purifiers is one of the best – and cheapest – investments you will ever make. 

And, compared to similar units from other manufacturers – which offer essentially the same level of performance and features, but often for substantially more money – Holmes True HEPA air purifiers offer maximum effectiveness, high material and build quality, great and useful features, a long warranty and maybe the best value for the money on the market today.

Most importantly, though, they offer health, well being and peace of mind – and who can put a price on that?

We hope this article – How Good are Holmes Air Purifiers? – An In-Depth Review and Buyer’s Guide – has helped you make a good buying decision, and that we will see you again.

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