The Best Electric Blankets in 2022 – An In Depth Buyer’s Guide

The Best Electric Blankets in 2020 – An In Depth Review and Buyer’s Guide

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Is there anything more wonderfully warm and comfy in the cold winter months than a good electric blanket?

For us here at Know the Flo, electric blankets are right up there with a blazing fire, a cup of hot cocoa and big fleecy slippers, and there is nothing we like better than slipping into a toasty, cosy bed when it’s cold outside.

And if feeling warm and wonderful isn’t enough, don’t forget that a high-quality electric blanket can save you big money on your heating bills, since you don’t have to heat your whole home – or even your whole bedroom – to stay nice and warm.

Who Makes the Best Electric Blankets in 2022?

As winter approaches you might be considering getting a good quality electric blanket for your bed, and may well be wondering what brands of electric blankets are best?

That is why we have put together this buyer’s guide for the best electric blankets available in 2022 – a complete list of electric blankets from the very best brands – Beautyrest, Biddeford, Vellax and more –in a variety of price ranges and with the most important safety features, so that you can have not only the very best electric blanket but the best night’s sleep as well – no matter how cold it is outside!

How Can I Find the Best Electric Blanket for Me?

So all you need to do is figure out what kind of electric blanket you want. This buyer’s guide includes the most basic categories, reviewing electric blankets:

  • For Your Bed
  • For Your Car
  • For Your Pet
  • For Yourself (Personal Throw)

If you are buying an electric blanket for your bed, you then need to decide whether you want the:

  • Best Overall Electric Blanket
  • Best Value in an Electric Blanket
  • Warmest Electric Blanket

And when you arrive at the Amazon website you just need to select your bed size and the colour you prefer (if applicable) and wait for the warmth to be delivered to your front door!

At the end of the article we will wrap up with some words about the safest ways to use and maintain your new electric blanket, but for now, please enjoy the reviews, and imagine how nice you’re going to feel in a short time.

Best Overall

Like all Beautyrest products, this wonderful electric blanket is all about quality, and when you add in safety, heating effectiveness, comfort and looks it is easily the best overall electric blanket we have found.

This blanket has evenly distributed heat along its entire area, and the easy to read and easy to use controller has 20 different heat level settings, ensuring your maximum comfort.

The controller’s cord is over 12 feet long, and the power cord is a long 6 feet, eliminating the frustration that comes with too-short cords.

With a soft and attractive micro-fleece surface, this Beautyrest electric blanket looks as good as it feels – which is really saying something, given the incredibly plush Sherpa Berber reverse.

This Beautyrest blanket is specially designed for safety. It is not only UL listed, but it also features a 10-hour timer and a safety automatic shut-off circuit. On top of all this, the electric blanket is engineered to emit the lowest possible levels of EMF.

And if you’re still not convinced that this Beautyrest electric blanket is the best of the best, the legendary Beautyrest 5 year warranty should convince you – it just doesn’t get any better than this!

Beautyrest Heated Microlight to Berber Elect Electric Blanket with 20 Heat Level Setting Controller, Twin: 62x84, Indigo,BR54-0646
  • VIRTUALLY NO EMF - Our electric blanket is...
  • THERAPEUTIC RELIEF - 20 Heat settings allow...
  • PROGRAMABLE CONTROLS – Compatible with...
  • PREMIUM FABRICS - Super soft and cozy fabric...
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty - That is a 5 year...

Best Value

You definitely don’t want to buy a cheap electric blanket, but if you need to save a little money this Vellax electric blanket is an excellent choice.

With 3 heat level settings, from 104-122 degrees Fahrenheit (~40-50 Celsius), anybody can find their ideal comfort zone, and you’ll be amazed at the even and consistent warmth it provides. Its 9.5-foot long cord, easy to read display and easy to use controls make this electric blanket ultra-convenient.

More importantly, for an electric blanket in this price range, the Vellax has very sophisticated safety features, including a 2-8 hour timer and a multi-stage shot off control in case of overheating or no user input – incredibly advanced for this price level!

Machine washable and made of durable materials, this Vellax electric blanket is a surprisingly high-quality product, and Vellax offers a full money-back guarantee.

Buy it here


What is the point of an electric blanket if it can’t keep you really, really warm?

Biddeford holds the distinction of making the hottest electric blanket in the world – their Micro Mink and Sherpa blanket was tested at over 107 degrees Fahrenheit (almost 42 degrees Celsius.

And while the Velour Sherpa electric blanket may not reach such arguably unnecessary levels of heat, it is clearly designed for your utmost warmth, with ten heat settings, well-distributed heating elements and incredibly even heat, and a soft, plush Sherpa surface, making it probably the warmest, most effective blanket we have used.

And, if your partner (or your pet) doesn’t want quite so much heat, the King and Queen sized Biddeford Velour Sherpa electric blankets offer dual heat and timer controls – one for each side.

Beautiful, extremely high quality and with a full five-year warranty, this Biddeford electric blanket could vie with the Beautyrest above as best electric blanket overall in 2022, and is our choice for the warmest, comfiest and most wonderful sleep experience all winter long.

Biddeford Velour Sherpa Electric Heated Warming Blanket Twin Linen Washable Auto Shut Off 10 Heat Settings
  • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE – Never climb into...
  • WARRANTY - 5 year limited manufacturer's...

Best Personal Electric Throw

Electric blankets are such a good way to save money since you can leave the furnace at the lowest settings and still keep warm. 

But this idea shouldn’t be limited to the bed, and neither should the warmth and comfort provided by high quality and effective electric blanket. Imagine how much money you could save on home heating if you could have a personal electric blanket on the couch, in the office, snuggled up in your favourite armchair or anywhere in the house!

High quality and effective are perfect words to describe the excellent Beautyrest electric throw, and with a long control cord, three heat settings and ultra-soft Berber Sherpa fabric, it really doesn’t get much more comfortable than this.

With the same five year warranty as the Beautyrest electric blanket featured above – our choice for Best Electric Blanket Overall – this Beautyrest personal electric poncho is made of the very highest quality materials and is as safe as it is reliable – the perfect companion for winter, or even all year long, and our choice for the best personal electric blanket in 2022.

Beautyrest Ultra Soft Sherpa Berber Fleece Electric Poncho Wrap Blanket Heated Throw with Auto Shutoff, 50" W x 64" L, Aqua Plaid
  • FEATURES - The 50' x 64" shawl silhouette is...
  • VIRTUALLY NO EMF - Our electric blanket is...
  • THERAPEUTIC RELIEF - 3 Heat levels to find...
  • ELECTRIC BILL SAVINGS - Along with the plush...
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty - That is a 5 year...

Best Electric Blanket for Cars

We have already featured this Sojoy electric car blanket in two previous articles – 5 Amazing 12V Heaters For Your Car (2022 Guide) & Top 8 Portable Heaters for your Car (2022 Edition), and if possible we love it even more now, months later, than we did back then.

And while one of our top criteria in selecting the best electric blankets in this 2022 buyer’s guide is safety, we have to say that the Sojoy 12 Volt Heated Travel Blanket can be dangerous!

We are kidding, of course, but not entirely – the Sojoy car blanket is so soft, warm and comfy that you should never use it while you are driving lest you get so relaxed and comfortable that you drift off to sleep! 

This super fleecy blanket warms up so nicely and so quickly, especially considering how light and how soft it is, and its dimensions are ideal for a car – big enough to cover passengers, but not so big that it gets in the way or distracts the driver. And the power cord is over 5 feet long, plenty long enough to reach to the back seat.

The Sojoy 12-volt electric blanket has 3 temperature settings and 3 timer settings, all controlled with a handy, easy to read and easy to use hand controller, and is fully machine washable.

The nicest, softest, safest and most useful electric automobile blanket on the market today, the Sojoy 12V Heated Travel Blanket is our choice for the best electric blanket for cars in 2022.

Sojoy Heated Smart Multifunctional Travel Electric Blanket with High/Low Temp Control (57"x 40") (Black)
  • Warm & Cozy - Electric Car Heated Blanket is...
  • Fast Heating&Timer Off - Sojoy electric car...
  • Convenient&Gift - Sojoy car heated blanket...
  • Spot Wash - This auto electric heated blanket...
  • Customer Service - Please feel free to...

Best Electric Blanket for Pets

And please, let’s not forget our pets – they get cold too, you know, and winter is coming!

The best pet blanket needs to be, most importantly, completely safe for your cats and dogs to use.

This means it should be completely waterproof (or, if you will, accident-proof), have a chew-proof power cord and an auto shut-off circuit in case of overheating.

Our choice for best heating pad for dogs and cats, the Homello pet electric blanket, is all of these things, and it is ultra-easy to clean, making it even more suitable for our four-legged friends.

But the ideal electric blanket for pets should also be warm, comfortable and inviting, and in these respects, the Homello pet electric blanket is the best we’ve found, and our cats and dogs absolutely love it and use it every day all year long.

We’d say “don’t take our word for it,” but we still haven’t taught our best friends how to type, so you will have to trust us.

Available in three different sizes – small for cats, large for dogs and extra-large for big dogs or multiple pets, and with a one year warranty and a money-back guarantee, the Homello Waterproof Pet Electric Heating Pad is our choice for the best electric blanket for pets in 2022.

Pet Heating Pad for Cats Dogs, Homello Waterproof Electric Heating Mat Indoor, Adjustable Warming Mat, Pets Heated Bed with Chew Resistant Steel Cord (28.3 x 18.9)
2,544 Reviews
Pet Heating Pad for Cats Dogs, Homello Waterproof Electric Heating Mat Indoor, Adjustable Warming Mat, Pets Heated Bed with Chew Resistant Steel Cord (28.3 x 18.9)
  • HIGH HEATING EFFICIENCY - Heat up about 10...
  • SAFE & SECURE - Worry-free of overheating....
  • CHEW RESISTANT CORD - The cord with metal...
  • BED WARMER FOR DOGS & CATS - Suitable for...
  • WATERPROOF & EASY-TO -CLEAN - Durable and PVC...

Final Thoughts: Are Electric Blankets Safe to Use?

Yes, absolutely, but there are a few things you should consider:

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s safety and care instructions exactly
  • Never use two electric blankets at once – one underneath and one on top – as this can cause a significant fire risk
  • If you have a folding bed, be careful not to expose the blanket’s wires to mechanisms (or a pet’s chewing!)
  • Don’t use electric blankets with infants or small children
  • Replace your electric blanket after 10 years, regardless of its appearance, and always replace a blanket that is worn, torn or has any damage to electric cords or controls
  • Never use an electric blanket that is wet, or on a waterbed

It is important to remember all of these safety considerations, and it would be remiss for us not to mention them, but please don’t let that list put you off!

Indeed, modern electric blankets – and especially the ones on this list – are as safe as safe can be, and you should never have any concerns about buying one or anxiety overusing it.

The best electric blankets available today are also a wonderful and luxurious experience, and even the staff here at Know the Flo – heating experts though we may be – can think of few other products that can keep you warmer or make you feel better.

We hope that you have enjoyed this article – The Best Electric Blankets in 2022 – An In-Depth Review and Buyer’s Guide – and that you will check back with us soon for all of your home heating and air conditioning needs. 

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