Top WiFi Enabled Space Heater Options (2021)

Top WiFi Enabled Space Heater Options
Top WiFi Enabled Space Heater Options

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I think you would agree with me when I say that I don’t like being cold, and I don’t like an inconvenience.

In this day and age, there is no reason for these things.

In this article, I’m going to help you solve both of these problems.

In the below post I have found the 11 best wifi enabled smart heaters on the market.

Whether you have Alexa, Google Home, or you just want to be able to control and automate the warmth of your room from your phone, there is an option for you.

Read on to see what’s available.

11 Best Smart Heaters – What are the top Wifi Enabled space heater options?

When it comes to smart heaters there are a number of options available. Below is a list of the best smart heaters available on the market today. These wifi heaters will save you time, money and hassle compared to a regular space heater.



1. Best Overall – Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifier

Dyson is well known for their quality products as well as their hefty price tag.

This particular unit is no different.

Although this is stated as a purifier it is also a heater and cooler in summer.

Quite the bang – but also quite the bucks.

To be fair it is packed with features and quality that you would expect for the price tag.

It is certified asthma and allergy-friendly, it has been awarded the Quietmark accreditation, it features an automatic mode, sleep timer, has no blades and is therefore easy to clean.

Best of all it works with Amazon Alexa along with Dyson’s propriety app software.

It automatically monitors the air quality and provides real-time reports to the app.

Heating and cooling can also be controlled afar with the app, all you need is WiFi!

As far as smart space heaters go, this is probably the best WiFi space heater available.


2. Best Value – Heat Storm Phoenix Smart Heater

The Heat Strom Phoenix is a versatile heater in that it can be mounted to your wall or it can be used as a space heater with the supplied leg attachments.

Purchasers comment on the nice design and it is nice that some companies are starting to think about aesthetics when it comes to heating devices.

There are some concerns over the heating power of the unit, and it seems if you are trying to heat a LARGE space, this may not be the unit for you.

Heat Storm, also make a WiFi dedicated wall heater, if you are looking for a more permanent fixture.


3. Atomi Smart Tower Space Heater

Atomi Smart Tower Heater - 1500W Oscillating Space Heater
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This little Atomi heater is a good alternative to the Dyson hot and cold if you are looking for a portable heater.

It has a much smaller price tag but a few fewer features that you may not need anyway.

One particular point they have covered well is safety.

With tower heaters, it is super important you have a safe unit as they can easily be knocked over.

The Atomi is ETL listed and has a number of other safety features.

A tip-over switch which will automatically turn the heater off if it tips over.

Overheat protection, which will turn the heater off if it gets too hot and cool-touch housing which means you won’t burn yourself if you touch the heater.

There are a couple of things that separates this unit from some others listed here and that is portability and oscillation.

You are easily able to move the heater from room to room as it is not fixed in any way.

The Atomi wifi heater also has a 90-degree oscillation feature which means you can spread the heat around the room.

The ability to easily move the unit and oscillate gives you a bit more control over your heating.

As far as compatibility goes the Atomi is available for IOS and Android smartphone with an app for each OS.

It is also able to be controlled via voice, so if you have Alexa or Google home, you are able to turn your heater on and off by voice.

Much like all the wifi heaters on here, the app, according to ratings, could still use a bit of work, as it has a 3-star rating.

The advanced functions of the heater are controlled via the app.

So scheduling preferred temperature and the likes.

However basic functions such as oscillation, modes, temperature, and timer can also be controlled via the unit itself, should you not be using the designated app.


4. Mill AB-H1500WF Oil Premium Wifi Heater

Mill – AB-H1500WF – 1500-Watt Heater
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A new addition to the Wifi heater range is the Mill 1,500-Watt Electric Oil Heater.

Mill is not new to the Wifi game with other wifi heaters available which we cover below.

This particular unit is oil filled radiant heater and compare to many other heaters, is actually a very stylish and modern heater.

It comes with important safety mechanisms such as a tip-over switch and overheats protection as well as being backed by a nice 2-year warranty.

With the Mill app, you are able to set weekly schedules for specific rooms or just program the unit individually.

The app gives you large amounts of flexibility and also the ability to better manage your power consumption.

The heater is recommended for rooms up to 200ft.


5. RolliCool Portable Air Conditioner

Rollibot ROLLICOOL Portable Air Conditioner and Heater
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If you are looking for more heavy-duty, yet a portable option, then the Alexa Enabled RolliCool Portable Air Conditioner is worth a look.

Not only will you get the benefit of a wifi-enabled space heater, but you will be able to use it to cool in summer as well as dehumidify if you so wish.

If that is not enough, this has another added benefit of being able to move easily between rooms (it has wheels), which is great for those who utilize a few different rooms in their house.

So the benefits of this machine are you get a multipurpose, heating, cooling dehumidifying, portable device that is easily moved around your rooms that can be controoled, via Alexa/voice control, the Rollo app as well of course, as on the machine itself.

Some things worth considering, however, are if you intend to use it during the summer to keep you cool, it will require a little maintenance (cleaning filters, etc) along with proper venting.

And like a number of Wifi space heaters, the Rollo app is, well, not the best according to users.

It has a rating of 1.9 stars at the time of writing on the Google app store and a number of issues customers that have had a negative experience have had revolves around the performance of the app.


6. Crane Smart Tower Heater

Crane EE-8083 Tower Heater
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When it comes to WiFi-enabled tower heaters, there are very few to choose from in the present day.

No doubt in the very near future there will become more options available.

For now, the Crane Smart Tower heater is one of few options.

The heater is controlled via  Crane’s own proprietary app.

It is a ceramic heater with upscale modern design and has 3 settings – fan, 750W and 1500W for your various heater needs.

Other features included with the unit are a touch screen, child lock, and oscillation.

Unfortunately, the app seems to need a bit of work given its low ratings.


7. Crane Infrared smart HEATER – Grey

Crane EE-8077GR Heater
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01/20/2021 02:43 am GMT

Another WiFi-enabled heating option by Crane WiFi Heater.

This unit is an Infrared heating device and a completely different style to the tower fan made by Crane.

Featuring high and low settings, an adjustable thermostat, touch panel, and timer settings the infrared smart HEATER is also controlled by the same app as the tower fan above.

A word of advice though, make sure you read through the reviews for the tower fan and Infrared heater as the ratings are not overwhelmingly good.


8. Mill Wifi Flat Panel Smart Heater

Mill – AB-H1500WF – 1500-Watt Heater
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This stylish white flat panel heater is controlled via the Millheat App.

It’s probably one of the more ‘decor friendly’ wifi heaters available and is barely noticeable in your home.

It has a range of nice features such similar to that of a programmable thermostat, such as timer control, setting a heating schedule, a thermostat, and temperature calibration.

You can even control multiple heaters from the same app and program in different schedules for different rooms.

Of course, all of this can be controlled from your smartphone, anywhere that there you have a connection.


9. Best Portable Option – Panamalar 500W Electric Portable Smart Heater

Panamalar Smart Desk Heater, 500W Electric Fan Heater
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Slowly Wifi heaters are getting better and this is a testament to that.

Though it is only small in stature, it does have some more ‘current’ features such as being an Alexa enabled wifi heater, which many of the other wifi options are not.

This heater is not going to heat large rooms as it is about as big as an iron, but it is more for direct heating, such as on a tabletop where you might be residing.

The Panamalar is portable, so great for moving around with you.

It is a stylish looking little heater and would not be out of place in most home decor.


 10. Heat Storm HS-1500 Infrared Wifi heater

Heat Storm HS-1500-ISMW Infrared WiFi Cabinet Heater
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This Heat Storm Wifi Heater is an infrared heater made by heat storm who also have another infrared wall (or space) heater on our list.

This heater is a cubic design that is quite different to the other heater and is a great space-saving design.

The wooden top could potentially double up as a small table.

It has 2 modes – 750W & 1500W giving you the option of how much power you would like to use, or how much heat you would like to put out.

Once the heater reaches your desired temperature it automatically shifts to ‘eco’ mode or the 750W setting to conserve power.

Ideally, this is built to supply supplementary heating to a space of 1000 sq ft or less.

1500w is not large, and as a general rule of thumb, you will want around 10 watts of heating power for every square foot of floor area in the room.

The Heat Storm HS-1500 has optional wheels that you can get with it, but these will require a little bit of DIY.

If you have Google Home or Alexa you are in luck as this heater is compatible with both of those.

This means you can easily control the heater via voice commands.

In addition to that, you are able to create heating schedules with the Smart Life app which gives you the potential to save energy along with the added benefit of only heating your home when you need to.

As far as safety goes you can rest easy knowing that this heater is ETL & NOM certified, which means it has undergone and passed independent safety tests.

One thing to keep in mind is that it will only to connect to Wifi on 2.4G, while most routers nowadays are 5g, so there might be some playing around with router settings needed.

This is a common issue with many wifi heaters and a number of purchasers have complained about connectivity issues, perhaps due to this issue and is not just unique to this wifi heater.

This heater comes with a fantastic 3 year warranty.


11. KUPPET 28.5″ Electric Fireplace

KUPPET 50" Electric Fireplace , Freestanding & Recessed Electric Heater with Remote Control
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01/20/2021 12:42 am GMT

If you are looking for something with a bit more pizazz than your average space heater you could always look at an electric fireplace.

This particular fireplace insert from Kuppet is one of the few fireplaces that are wifi enabled and this one is also able to be used with Alexa.

How handy is being able to turn your fireplace on and off with a voice command!

If voice isn’t your thing, then it also comes with a remote control so you can control locally.

The remote is kind of small so you will want to keep good track of it.

If that isn’t enough you can always control the functions of the fireplace with your mobile phone.

What functions does it have?

Well, it has 2 heat settings, much like your standard space heaters of 750w/1500w along with your standard along with a dimmer to change the brightness of the heater.

For your safety, it also comes with overheat protection, so it will turn off if the unit gets too hot

It also has a tip-over switch, which will automatically turn the heater off if it is knocked over.

And of course, because the heater is electric it produces no emissions so is safe for use in any room.

The good news is electric fireplaces are easy on your electricity bills too.


Turn any space heater into a WiFi-enabled device with a Smart Plug

Amazon Smart Plug, works with Alexa
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01/19/2021 10:43 pm GMT

Well kind of.

Although it is quite a nifty device it is limited in what you can do.

What you will be able to do is hook up any space heater or appliance and be able to schedule and control when the unit turns on and off.

This is great for turning your heater on before you come home or off if you have forgotten to turn your heater off.

Just plug and play and you are away laughing.

With the Amazon Alexa smart plug, you are able to add voice control to your device along with adding schedules and routines with the app.

This helps you control your device from near or afar.

Obviously, you will not be able to control functions of the device, just on, off and when and how often.


As it turns out…

..there actually happens to be a whole lot of choice when it comes to the smart plug option.

If you are searching for smart plugs to use for your space heater, there are many brands to choose from.

As well as checking reviews of the product itself we suggest checking the rating of the app in the app store as well.

Being a WiFi device means that there can be as many problems with the software as there might be with the hardware.

Both being equally as important.

There are a number of the apps that control the units, that are really just not up to scratch so make sure you do your research.

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